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Local anesthesia is used to “numb “ the dental site. We also use Nitrous Oxide, better known as laughing gas, which may be offered to you as an option for certain procedures to make you feel more at ease.

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Tooth extraction (pulling a tooth or teeth) may be needed if the tooth cannot be saved. This can be due to decay, infection, trauma or periodontal disease. After the extractions are performed, the dentist will discuss treatment options to restore the missing area.

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Cosmetic Dentistry / Restorative Care

Whether you suffer from decayed, discolored or missing teeth, A Better Smile offers a range of solutions such as Bonding or Tooth-Colored Fillings, Root Canal Therapy, Veneers, and Ceramic (metal-free) Crowns and Bridges to restore your smile beautifully and meet your unique needs.


As an orthodontic alternative to braces, Invisalign® helps straighten teeth without the hassle of metal braces. These clear aligners are custom-made to fit the individual teeth of a patient comfortably. Gradually, Invisalign® will shift the position of one’s teeth to ensure a straighter smile.

Implant Dentistry

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, Implant(s) and Implant Crown(s)will give you the permanent solution with the natural feeling and look that you desire. For denture wearers, we offer implants to stabilize dentures to prevent them from moving and falling out of your mouth.


If you suffer from a lack of confidence due to discolored teeth, the professionals at A Better Smile can help. We offer one of the most top-rated whitening systems that you can take home for your convenience and obtain a more confident, beautiful, whiter smile at your leisure. Our in-office teeth bleaching procedure will lighten your teeth quickly and efficiently, ensuring your confidence and beautiful smile return.

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Immediate Denture Packages

We also offer same-day immediate dentures, if you need extractions of your teeth first. An impression is made the morning of your appointment and your denture will be seated in your mouth after your extractions are performed that afternoon, so you never have to be without teeth.

Complete Dentures

At A Better Smile, we have our own in-house Denture lab, so instead of waiting 4 weeks for your denture to be made, it will only take 1-2 days to begin wearing your beautiful, new smile. We also offer implant-supported dentures to provide a more stable and retentive fit of your denture.


Partials, or partial dentures, are removable replacements for your natural teeth. Typically, partials are attached to a gum-colored base. They help restore the appearance of your natural smile. Not only do partial dentures fill the spaces created by missing teeth, but they can also prevent other teeth from shifting positions.

Other Services

  • Oral hygiene/cleanings
  • Periodontal/gum treatments
  • Root canal therapy
  • Botox for TMJ pain and facial aesthetics
  • Bone grafting
  • Mouth or night guards
  • Repair of dentures and partials

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