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Root canal therapy?

Root Canal Therapy – is needed when the root’s nerve has become infected and needs to be removed and replaced with a material to prevent further…

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Repairs to my denture?

You can do serious harm to your denture and to your health by trying to adjust or repair your denture.

A denture that is not made to fit…

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What is a veneer?

This is a thin layer of porcelain or ceramic material placed over a tooth surface with removing little to no tooth structure. Often times veneers…

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What is a crown?

This is a type of restoration that caps or completely covers a tooth or dental implant. Most times crowns are needed when there is a large cavity or…

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What is a root canal?

This procedure involves the removal of the nerve inside a tooth. When a root dies it needs to be removed from the inside the tooth to treat…

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How is it treated?

Tooth decay (caries) are treated by removing the decay, preparing the tooth to receive a filling in the area where the cavity was. If the decay is…

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